Volunteer Positions

MPOMBA Executive

MPOMBA's Executive is made up of eight positions: President & Vice-President or Co-Presidents; Past President, Treasurer; Secretary; Editor; Program Convener and Membership Coordinator. Elections for these positions are held at the General Meeting in May.

President & Vice-President or Co-Presidents
Responsible for the overall operation of the club. Chairs all meetings or arranges that someone else be available to chair. Act as signing officers for the club. Act as liaison between the City of Mississauga Recreation and Parks Department and the Club.

Past President
Acts in an advisory role and provides continuity for the new Executive.

Collects and deposits all club income. Obtains floats for special club events and is available to make deposits. Pays all expenses incurred by the club. Prepares and annual financial report at the end of the fiscal year.

Attends and takes minutes of all Planning Meetings for Distribution at the next General Meeting or appoints a substitute to do so. Takes minutes of all General Meetings. Records all votes at both Planning and General Meetings. Forwards all notes to the Editor for inclusion in the monthly newsletter.

Prepares our monthly newsletter, Multiple Exposure, throughout the year with the exception of July and August.

Program Convener
Arranges guest speakers or programs for monthly General Meetings.

Membership Coordinator
Keeps up-to-date records of all members, receives dues and registration forms and issues signed membership cards.

Chairpersons and Committees

Other important MPOMBA positions include:
  • New Member Contact Coordinator
  • Expectant and New Parents Night Coordinator
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Telephone Support Coordinator
  • MPOMBA Information Line Coordinator
  • Librarian
  • Clothing Sale Coordinators (Spring & Fall)
  • Christmas Party Coordinator
  • Summer Picnic Coordinator
  • Parent's Night Out Coordinator
  • Stay-At-Home Parent Registry Coordinator
  • Refreshment Hostess
  • Hospital/Community Services Contact Coordinator
  • Telephone Support for New Members Committee
  • Discount Coordinator
  • New Member Package Coordinator
  • Newsletter Distribution Coordinator
  • Parenting Course Coordinator
  • Fundraising Committee
  • MPOMBA Handbook and Brochure Coordinator
  • Clothing Sale Committee
  • Special Committees
  • Higher Order Multiples (HOM) Contact
  • MPOMBA E-mail Coordinator

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