Tips & Tricks 

General Information:

  • Sale Committee email address:
  • Please contact the Sale Committee to confirm your Seller’s three letter initials.
    • The same three letter initials are used from sale to sale.
    • If you have not participated in a sale in more than two (2) years, please contact the Sale Committee to ensure that the initials remained assigned to you.
  • Your Seller’s initials must be clearly printed on all sale tags.
    • Merchandise with sales tags without initials can not and will not be sold.
    • Initials are also used for sorting purposes.
  • Sale tags must be printed on a heavy weight or card stock paper. 
    • Regular paper is not recommended as it easily tears and can be lost.
    • Merchandise without sales tags will not be sold.  Pick up of this merchandise is from the Lost Tags table at the end of sale.
  • Sales tags must be a copy of our MPOMBA tags.  Size variations are NOT permitted.
    • Some Seller’s prefer to type their sale tags out however, please try not to change to size of the actual sales tags as this makes it difficult during sorting of sales tags.
  • All sale tags must be the same color in a single sale as this makes it easier to sort tags.
    • A shade variation of the same color is permitted.
  • Tagging guns are mandatory and can be purchased through a Sales Coordinator at a discounted price or from any other source.
  • Where possible, please use tagging guns to attach all sale tags.
    •  Includes clothing, footwear, bedding and bath and all bagged items.
  • For sale tags that must be affixed to hard cover or paper back books or boxes (e.g. board games), please use low-tack painters tape instead of regular tape as this is much easier to remove and sales tags will not as easily rip.
    • Any other tape is strictly prohibited (i.e. scotch tape, packing tape, medical tape etc…)
    • Staples and pins of any kind are also strictly prohibited.
  • Optional: Create a tracking spreadsheet of all your sale items, this will help you determine how much you have sold and if there are any misplaced items.
  • Storage Tip: Invest in some Rubbermaid-type bins for storing clothes - they stay clean and undamaged for the next sale and it is easier to transport.
  • The day before the sale, please arrive between 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm to drop off your sale merchandise.  We must have all merchandise here by 8:30 pm so we can do quality control check to ensure a successful sale.
  • Please remember that you are committed to working the sale for at least five hours.


  • Please use 25 cent increments when pricing your sale items.
    • Any item priced otherwise will not be sold.
  • Typed prices are strongly recommended. If you handwrite your prices they must be very clear.
    • Illegible handwriting may result in the price being misinterpreted.
  • Price sale items by how badly you want to sell them
    • If you don't want them back then price lower. If you can't part with it, price higher.
  • Price changes on a tag are strictly prohibited. If you would like to change the price of an item, you must retag the item.
    • Items with tags that have been tampered with will not be sold.
  • Merchandise ACCEPTED: infant and children’s clothing (including, undershirts, underwear, socks and tights), outerwear (e.g. jackets, coats, hat, mittens and gloves) and foot wear, ma­ternity clothing, sports wear and equipment (e.g. baseball or soccer cleats, skates, tykes and bikes), toys for all ages, electronic games, DVDs/VHS videos, books, baby equipment (e.g. strollers, high chairs, swings, playpens, baby gates for doorway/hallways and etc.).
  • Merchandise ACCEPTED: infant car seats, toddler car seats, car booster seats if manufactured after December 31st, 2011.
  • Merchandise NOT ACCEPTED: baby furniture, large items (e.g. Little Tykes jungle gyms, slides, sand boxes, train tables, etc.).

Clothing Sizing:

  • Clothing should be sized according to the sizing chart below:
    • Unisex Preemie (typically up to 7 lbs)
    • Unisex New Born 0 - 3 months
    • Boys and Girls (each size below is sorted by gender)
      • 3 months
      • 6 months
      • 12 months
      • 2
      • 3
      • 4
      • 5
      • 6/6X
      • 7- 8
      • 10 - 12
      • 14 – 16
    • Maternity
  • Clothing should be hung on hangers as much as possible.
    • Hangers may be available at Bonnie Togs, Carters, Target, Wal-Mart, Sears, The Bay, etc.
  • Use clear small/medium plastic bags for smaller items (e.g. undershirts, underwear, cloth/plastic diapers and socks) and tag using tagging gun.
  • Name brand clothing can typically be sold for a higher price then no/low name brands.
    • E.g. Gymboree or GAP baby/kids sells for higher than George brand from Wal-Mart or some brands available at Target.
  • Coordinating clothing sets of the same brand (for example, matching shirt and pants) tend to sell better.
    • Individual items in a set should be tagged separately in case, items become separated. 
      • E.g. 1 of 2 pieces and only list sale price on main sale tag to avoid confusion.
  • Consider also grouping multiple smaller items in a single package (e.g. undershirts, underwear, cloth/plastic diapers and socks).  Again same brand in a grouping sells better.
  • Please do not bring any out of season items.
    • E.g. Fall/Winter Sale – no floating devices, sandals, etc.
    • E.g. Spring/Summer Sale - no winter coats, snow suits, snow boots, sleds, toboggans, etc.
    • Swim suits are permitted in both sales due to swim lessons year around.
    • Dress up clothing/costumes are permitted in both sales.

Other Sale Tips and Tricks:

§  Please ensure all sale items include all parts or pieces (e.g. lego sets, board games and puzzles).

§  Use clear plastic baggies or storage containers (e.g. small fruit containers) for small items such as video games (e.g. Nintendo DS) and small toys, etc. and tag instead of taping the tags.

§  If you have a large number of books to sell, please display them in cardboard boxes.


  • Do not bring large items to the sale as space is limited due to the number of sellers.
  • Please post these on our website (Buy and Sell section – year round) or print one page letter sized posters with pictures to display in appropriate section at the sale
  • Large items include: baby furniture, large outdoor play structures and train tables, etc.)
  • Please make sure that your equipment (high chairs, play pens, baby gates) is in good working condition.
  • Outdated or unsafe equipment will not be sold.

  • You must remove all of your unsold items after the sale. No items can be left behind as we do not facilitate a donation pick up after the sale.
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